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Master of Foxhounds

Ms. Joanne Schwartz - 803 669-1493
Ms. Sue Sensor - 803 427-5863
Ms. Amy Cantey - 803 420-6860

Professional Huntsman

Ms. Melissa Rice – 704 740-6810

Honorary Whippers-In

Kendra Bohn
Salley McInerney
Mr. Vince Paschal
Ms. Susan Provanzano


Mr. Brent Rogers

Honorary Road Whippers-In

Ms. Berit Osworth
Mr. Louis Provenzano
Ms. Joanne Schwartz MFH
Ms. Sue Sensor MFH
Ms. Holly Swartz

Honorary Fieldmasters

Ms. Amy Cantey MFH
Ms. Lea Schwartz Edwards
Ken Furlong

Honorary Hunt Secretary

Ms. Lea Schwartz Edwards - 803 669-1590